Absolute Leisure Group is a means to give independant properties the ability to increase sales and to decrease costs associated with running these properties. Our main objective is to increase profits to members.

We do not charge any joining fees. There are no management fees and no percentage of profits.

We run in the same way as a co-operative, pooling together similar quality properties in different locations to allow us to tender for larger corporate accounts which would not be achievable as independent properties. We also use this group and buying power to negotiate better prices with suppliers.

Partnering with like standard properties and like-minded owners to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes to members.

ALG is looking to offer membership to properties (hotels, motels, apartments and resorts) in the 3 ½ to 4 ½ star range. Initially only those on the coach routes and along the eastern seaboard from just North of Sydney through to Brisbane. Once established we will want to sign up properties in the same category along the central inland route and in each of the main international fly in centres.

ALG will be entirely made up of independently owned and operated establishments, but further to this will offer exclusivity to each member in every town or city earmarked for membership. This means there will only ever be one ALG property in each place at any one time.

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